Duct Cables


Duct Cable is designed to be pulled into ducts in service ducts of an optical cable communication network. Its non-metallic characteristic enables it to be installed in an environment where there is electrical interference, for example alongside power lines. The cable design is available in unitube (up to 24 loose fibres), multitube (up to 144 fibres) fibre ribbon cable (48 to 576 fibres). The design is lightweight and flexible and able to withstand normal installation forces of strain, crush, bend and twist. Aramid or glass yarn can be added for extra axial pulling strength and glass yarn or polyamide can be used as protection against rodents.


The loose tube containing optical fibres and jelly is centrally placed. Non-metallic strength members (FRP) are embedded in the the HDPE sheath for protection and strength.


The cable has multiple loose tubes containing optical fibres and jelly. Loose tubes are S-Z stranded around non metallic central strength member (FRP)

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