Hynits Electric Height Adjustable Podium -HEHAP01

 The upper desktop of the lecture table is tilted horizontally by 10 degrees for its easy usage. The laptop interface module panel is installed on the right of the upper layer (HDMI IN* 1, 3.5 Audio* 1 * 1, Type C interface), Gooseneck microphone, Desk function buttons are from left to right (cable gooseneck microphone switch and volume control, PC volume adjustment switch, video switch, task window, a button to start, a key to return to, monitor, display desk, wireless gooseneck microphone switch, volume adjustment are integrated).


 Product Size L*W*H (mm): 730*476*1050 (closed); 730*476*1200(±5) (unfolded).The four edges of the middle column of the desk are drawn alumina column, and the four prisms are arc chamfered. The front, back and left four sides are installed with aviation aluminum and aluminum column by inlaying process. The middle column is embedded with an electric lifing motor, which can adjust the height of the table top according to
user’s needs. 

Function Description

Integrated Design: The table is highly integrated and is composed of 23.6inch touch display and OPS computer, gooseneck microphone, notebook interface module, lifting motor and other electronic equipment; (All-in-one machine can be installed according to requirements)


  • Support wireless transmission, can realize the synchronous display of the podium and the LED screen
  • Support electric lift, the speaker can adjust the height of the podium at any time according to demand.
  • No wiring, keep the layout clean, while avoiding the safety risks caused by the exposure of the wire.
  • Equipped with lithium battery module, voltage with power display,
    one time charging can support 2 hours continuous usage.

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