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86 inch

Hynits Interactive Flat Panel

Our Hynits interactive Flat Panel, with three functions of writing, Display and fast transmission, It completely changes the meeting form, Realizes the rapid transmission of information, And brings efficient and convenient meeting modes like Multi-touch, HD screen, Wireless screen projection, Dual system (optional), Video conferencing.

A front view of the Interactive Flat Panel 86-inch HT2 Series. The large touchscreen display is shown with a clean, sleek design. It is powered on and displaying educational content, demonstrating its vibrant colors and high-resolution capabilities. The touchscreen interface is active, with digital pen input in progress, highlighting its interactive features."

Multiple system options

Built-in Android system, Support Windows and Android dual system integrated design, Deep fusion, mutual Data transmission and sharing.

One machine is equivalent to six. It integrates projector, Computer, 4K display, Audio, Writing board and remote video conferencing equipment to improve meeting efficiency.

Two Independent systems

Both operating systems can utilize whiteboard applications and facilitate multimedia format playback.

Record classes, easily via scanning the QR code to take away

You can scan the QR code to save and share the content records of the class or meeting . Take it away easily and share the contents of class or meeting records with other teachers in real time (This function is only supported by dual system configuration, Please contact customer service for details)

Built-in High Definition Camera

Terminal Projection

When multiple devices of the same type are connected to the Hynits interactive flat panel, The computer uses the wireless screen transfer device to quickly project the mobile phone and the tablet through the screen transfer software, And the screen projection can be used to reverse the operation of the terminal device.

20-Point Touch

Adopt infrared touch sensor and anti-mask touch technology, 20-point touch, Smooth teaching, Flexible erasing, Screen answering, questions or teaching, writing at the same time, Millisecond response speed and More flexible writing.

Anti-glare Interference

High brightness contrast and wide viewing angle reduce the impact of ambient light on the projection display to adapt to the different light environment of the school and provide guarantee for the quality of teaching.

Application scenarios: Schools and Training institutions

Application Scenarios

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