Hynits 22 Inch Ultra-narrow Bezel Square Screen LCD Display

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22" Inch

Hynits Ultra-narrow Bezel Square Screen LCD Display

Resolution: 1920*1080
Panel Size: 22″
CPU: S700, Quad-core A53 SMP4, 28nm
Internal Storage: 8GB
Hynits 33.2 inch square screen display

Special Dimension

Resolution: 1920*1920, 7.5mm ultra-narrow frame, 21.8mm ultra-thin body design, matte screen technology design, more diverse display modes.

Ultra Thin Bezel

The screen bezel is only 7.5mm

Matte screen

There will be no reflections under strong light, no fingerprints will be left, and the picture will be more textured

Timing Switch

The cloud intelligent information release system can be used to customize the switching time to save energy and worry.

Remote Release

Built-in intelligent cloud information release system, supporting multiple terminals synchronous

Multiple Modes of Playback

Automatic cycle play, overall cycle play, single cycle play, advertising interstitials, breakpoint memory function and other functions.

Multiple connection modes

USB MIPI TTL and so on

HD Image Quality

High-definition image quality, clear display of details.

Shopping malls, stations, subways, exhibitions and other places

Application Scenarios

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